We are a small business that strives to serve you well by producing a quality product at a reasonable price. We will be up front with you about the price of your project so you can see just how much it will cost. If it is a job where we charge an hourly rate, we will do our best to give you a good faith estimate and do all we can to stay close to it. If we can see that you will incur more costs than what we first figured, we will stop and let you know as soon as possible. We desire this process to be seamless and stay at the price you anticipated. Since we operate out of our homes, we can run our business with a lot less overhead. This allows us to offer very competitive pricing as we produce our custom plans. You will find us to be one of the most economical plan companies in Oregon. Most of our plans are printed in color, which allows more ease for you and your contractor when you are viewing and reading your plans.

Complete Home Set of Plans:  Starting at: $1.20sq. ft of heated space


  •  6 complete color sets
  • 4 Elevation views
  • Floor Plans
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Layouts
  • Roof Layouts
  • One Cross section
  • Plan details
  • PDF File of complete set of plans for emailable bidding
  • City lot site plan
  •  Two –  Sit down sessions if needed.

This is usually what is needed for submitting a set of plans to your jurisdiction for approval.

*This price usually covers most residential home plans, but please talk to us before assuming costs.  Extra unheated space, larger garages, extra details, large property, very small homes and other items may increase this overall price and will be charged at the hourly rate.   We do not do engineering, so if your plans need it, you will need to acquire one.  

Custom remodeling/projects: Hourly

Hourly: $70

$400 Minimum Per job

Printing per sheet:

  • 24”x36”  (Arch D)   
  • Photo rendering – $9 page   
  • Color  –   $4 page
  •  B/W  –    $3 page
  • 11”x17”  (Ledger)    
  • Color & B/W  –    $1 page

* Prices subject to change at anytime