Notice Statement

While the most care is taken in designing the structure and document printing, these plans are sold “as is” and “with all faults.” All implied and express warranties, including warranties of sale ability, are hereby negated, excluded and disclaimed. The following local design and engineering professionals may be required to review the plans to assure that these plans meet the aesthetic and technical requirements of local environment, governing jurisdiction, laws, codes and ordinances which pertain to the purchaser’s building site, professional building designer or architect, professional consulting civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and geo-technical engineers. The purchasers discretion, they may need to obtain a qualified, professional review of these plans and competent inspections of the building during construction and upon completion to assure the safety of the building and its occupants and to certify compliance with local codes. With the purchase and/or use of these plans, the purchaser accepts responsibility for consultations and inspections recommended herein and agrees to hold the sellers of these plans harmless from any and all claims, liability and injuries which may result from construction or implementation of these plans, or which may occur upon the premises during or after completion of construction. These designs should be obtained from local contractors or engineers to assure compliance with the applicable mechanical, electrical and plumbing codes in the purchaser’s geographical region, as well as to provide the system types most acceptable to the owner’s needs. Homeowner/Builder to verify all dimensions prior to construction.

Each plans are priced and designed to be used for only one time and for only the original client. Contact us for permission for any other use. Each design is the property of the designer and each client purchases the right of use. We reserve the right to use design for other purposes.