CrossBeam Design
Designing from the Builder’s View


Q. Do your plans have everything I need to submit for local review or approval?

A.   Most people do not need anything else but a site plan for review.   Local jurisdictions may require plans to be engineered,  which we do not do.   Some neighborhood covenants require extra rendering, detail and/or designing specific to your needs.   Ask us if you have more specific questions in this area.  It is better to ask than to assume.  Some of the items you may need are pre-engineered truss details (from the truss company you are using), I-joist details (from the manufacture of the I-joist your are using if other then our specified manufacturer) and Septic system detail (if not on city sewer).  Check with your local building officials on the list needed for review.

Q. Do all plans need to be engineered?  

A.   Most of our plans that we draw do not need engineering.   In Oregon we have to meet certain earthquake codes, so depending on the design of the house, you may need it.  We know those codes, so we try to design our houses with “prescriptive path construction” that reduce the need for engineering.   This is not considered a “bad way “ of constructing, but is a “optional” way of construction.  Some houses we just cannot make this work and you will need engineering.   

Q.  What if I would like to make a few changes to your Stock plans?

A.  We can make any changes for you to the stock plans at the hourly rate.

Q. Can I get a mirror image of a stock plan?

A. Yes,  all sets of plans are available in mirror (reverse ) image.  There is no additional cost.

Q. Do you sell reproducible masters or CAD files for your plans?

A.  We only sell the amount of plans needed for your one project.  No Cad files.

Q. I really liked the house and would like to reuse the plans for another time.  Can I do this?

A. We figure you will only use the plans for one project when we price them.  If you would like to use them again contact us directly for multiple use agreement.

Q. Do you have material lists?

A. At this time we do not have material lists of our projects. This is something we are working on to enhance our service.

Q. What if we find an error in the plans?

A. We strive to design every house to meet Oregon building codes and to be without errors.   However, if you find an error, contact us immediately before continuing construction.

Q. Do you have a warranty?

A. Click here to see a copy of it.