CrossBeam Design
Designing from the Builder’s View
Welcome to CrossBeam  Design

We are a plans design company serving the residential industry.  We specialize in getting your project off to the right start.   Because the design process is where your project begins, our job is to get you going in the right direction because we want you to end up with the home that suits you best. Building or remodeling your home can be a big endeavor and is made up of many decisions.   Project, budget, energy  criteria, your families needs and many other considerations have to come together  into a finished product you can be proud of.  Your plans are the place where all the ideas and dreams for your project become concrete and merge into a cohesive and beautiful whole - your plan.

  We do not try and sell you our ideas, but listen to what you want and transfer it onto paper.   We have ongoing  experience in the construction trade, giving us the knowledge to understand how all the pieces fit together in your home.  Considering the constant changes in codes and materials, this is a real plus.   Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing structure, we can serve you.  We also do outbuildings, standalone garages and almost any building structures. Let us know how we can serve you today.  We would love the chance to meet your designing needs.

We use CAD software to generate our plans, therefore we have numerous capabilities to serve you with.  We can generate realistic 3D views of your project to give you a real idea of what your completed project will look like.  We can do 3D walk through’s, moving the camera throughout your home or project to see just how it will look when it is finished.  This has helped many of our customers get a better idea of what their project will look like.  We also generate 3D photos to apply to your plans enabling us to capture a greater visual perspective.  Manufacturers colors can also be applied to your 3D views, giving you the ability to grasp a more realistic idea of how  your end product will look.